New Life Community is part of a family of churches and ministries that is committed to seeing the church of Jesus Christ restored to fullness, the kingdom of God advanced, the power of the Holy Spirit experienced, and the Word of God obeyed.  God is after a people of one heart, one mind, and one holy passion.  The covenant family of which New Life Community is a part is not an organization but rather people, congregations, and ministries who have been joined together for purpose by God.  Covenant Family Churches is the part of the larger spiritual family that we are most closely identified which is led by Dr. Steven J. Ottolini who serves as an apostle.  He oversees our churches in the USA in St. Louis, Missouri; Troy, Missouri; and Olive Branch, Mississippi.   In addition he serves our churches in India that have been planted by Rajib Arohan's team.  He along with Adam Kayeba cover our churches in Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa.  He also directs our efforts in Guatemala with our brother Noé Gramajo.

The larger covenant family is made up of about 1,200 congregations, several apostolic families of churches, in 16 countries, led by about 12 apostles.  Many of these men trace their roots to the late Bryn Jones (1940-2003) of the UK who was an apostolic pioneer in the latter half of the 20th century and a "friend of God's children".